Terry Bozzio on His Art Debut [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH]

In this short video, drum legend Terry Bozzio discusses his art debut collection [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH] and how he views Abstract art and the interpretations of the work. Unveiled on 04.18.14, you can sign up for more information and the opportunity to see the work before the release at www.terrybozzioart.com.

Terry Bozzio set to unveil art collection built from rhythm

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On April 18, 2014, drummer Terry Bozzio will unveil a career first, a collection of artwork built from rhythm. Through an extensive process involving the manipulation of light, time, and geographic space, the collection unearths a new visual dimension normally missed by the human eye. Sign up to get exclusive information about the release, as well as the opportunity to see the collection early through an online pre-release viewing.